Our recent projects


Our recent projects

Our results aim to develop digital skills and to prepare students on ICT, thus addressing the digital transformation. A curriculum and a methodological guide contribute to a Digital Pedagogy as a way to manage the transition to digital education in Higher Education. The materials and the videos allow the development of transversal digital skills and competences up to advanced levels, all of this in the European Framework of Digital Competences DigComp.

Curriculum oriented to Transversal Digital Competences in Higher Education. According to the DigComp report, this will focus on levels 3 to 5, i.e. intermediate to advanced in the context of Higher Education.

Methodological Guide to motivate higher education professors to integrate Digital Competences into their teaching and evaluation plans and to aware students, graduates, or professionals, on the importance of continuous learning in their career.

Open pedagogical material for higher education teachers, training managers and students who need to increase their skills or those of their students or employees.

Open audiovisual content to support pedagogical material. They are mainly practical and facilitate the learning of people with hearing or visual disabilities.

Sollertia, a LMS (Learning Management System) responsive -and with special attention to learning outcomes- so that each user has a personal learning experience reinforced by gamification elements as a pedagogical strategy.

Implementation of Specialization courses in Digital Competences in partner institutions as an example of using the previous material with official recognition of ECTS.