Šiauliai State University of Applied Sciences

The Šiauliai State University of Applied Sciences (ŠVK) was established in 2002. ŠVK delivers a spectrum of study programs with a strong emphasis on market needs. Now offering more than 20 study programs belonging to science field groups of informatics, engineering, social, health, business and public management. The Institution is about more than just studies; it is about cooperation with partners in Lithuania and abroad, educational activities, consulting, courses and training for the city community, volunteering, business projects, and events for residents and visitors of Šiauliai.

Regionally oriented applied research is the pillar of both studies and innovation activities at ŠVK. This is achieved by an extensive regional and national partnership network, which significantly influences the scope of its applied research activities. ŠVK is a member of the Lithuanian of Distance and e-Learning (LieDM) Association. Staff participate in the organized training. At ŠVK, Distance Course Coordinators help teachers and students improve their digital competencies and prepare distance learning courses.

The study process for some study programs and forms (e.g., part-time), conferences, training, meetings, etc., are organized remotely.