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Hello! We are Sollertia team.

Hello! We are Avada Digital Agency.

We foster transversal digital skills

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We are a consortium of five partners around the EU, coordinated by the University of Malaga, to train on digital skills in Higher Education.

Fostering Transversal Digital Competences in Higher Education

This project aims to promote the updating of advanced digital skills of citizens in general and Higher Education students in particular, thus facilitating adaptation to a labor market in continuous evolution (Work & Lifelong Learning).

Consortium is composed by reputed European universities

We are Sollertia team, working in the project «Fostering the Transversal Digital Competences in Higher Education» (FTDCHE)

Digital Skills

FTDCHE focuses on the 6 more relevant specific competences from DigComp v2.2. Experiences go from basic to intermediary and advanced.

Information and Data Literacy

1. Browsing, searching, filtering data, information and digital content.
2. Managing data, information and digital content.

Communication and Collaboration

3. Collaborating through digital technologies.

Digital Content Creation

4. Developing digital content.


5. Protecting personal data and privacy.

Problem solving

Solving technical problems.

Who is it for?

Our recent projects

FTDCHE provides educators with a General Curriculum and a Methodological Guide on Digital Competences adapted to an updated teaching strategy (Learning Design).

FTDCHE provides students with an LMS (Learning Management System), called Sollertia, as a means of Learning Experience of Digital Competences at intermediate/advanced level.


Higher Education students who require greater digital skills, adapted to the requirements of the labour market.

Our recent projects


Qualified professionals who require continuous training to adapt their skills to new ICT techniques and tools.

Our recent projects


Companies, and especially SMEs, that have problems to hire qualified personnel with knowledge on their technological needs.

Our recent projects