The first Work Package (WP) of the FTDCHE consortium has already been concluded. The result of this WP is a Curriculum that includes five Teaching Guides, one for each DigComp competencies, and covers its 21 main areas. The Curriculum can be downloaded from Open Science Foundation (OSF) and is available in five languages, Spanish, Dutch, Romanian, Lithuanian and Slovenian, as well as in international English.

This curriculum addresses the needs of Higher Education teachers and other training professionals, and it is based on an analysis of the needs of the participating countries. Hence, interested educators can also find at OSF a brief report on the current state of Digital Competencies demands in Spain, Belgium, Romania, Lithuania and Slovenia from the point of view of SME and public administrations. These analyses have provided the curriculum a transversal perspective focused on multidisciplinary environments that also addresses the needs of those entities that want to take educational actions in the promotion of advanced Digital Skills.

The whole Curriculum is inspired by a Learning-Centred Syllabus (LCS) focused on the needs of the student and their learning process with special attention to obtaining a high level of academic progress. LCS maintains a permanent focus on two key points: proximity to the student’s profile and environment, and maximum interest in the topics addressed without falling into unnecessary complexities. In particular, the Teaching Guides will place special emphasis on learning outcomes, in line with the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).