This category represents a set of 5 courses developed in the Erasmus+ project FTDCHE.

This course provides students with the necessary skills to conduct effective searches, critically evaluate online information, understand legal concepts related to copyright and data ethics, as well as efficiently organize and manage digital content. Upon completion of this module, students will be better prepared to face the challenges of the digital age and will use these skills in their academic and professional life.

In today's world online, talking and working together on the internet is super important. This module teaches you how to communicate and collaborate well online. You'll learn useful tips and skills for chatting and working with others safely and effectively. So, by the end, you'll feel more confident and skilled in navigating the online world.

The course on development of digital content equips students with basic competencies for evaluating and managing digital information effectively. It covers topics about types and formats of digital content, AI Generated Content, accessibility incorporation in digital content, SEO and digital marketing, protection techniques and mechanisms for copywriting, classical and AI programming. Successfully completing this module prepares students to navigate digital challenges in both academic and professional settings, enhancing their ability to develop and manage digital content.

In today's digital world, the protection of personal data and privacy is a critical skill for individuals to navigate the online landscape safely and responsibly. This online course focuses on providing learners with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills to protect personal data and privacy in the digital age.

Working in the digital world is not an undertaking free of difficulties and, often, problems of varying complexity end up ruining productivity. This online course exposes a wide range of problems that the student may face, as well as the most typical and appropriate solutions.